Quadrangle at NUIG

RC36 Interim conference, National University of Ireland Galway

Friday 27th – Saturday 28th September 2013

With a very full programme of papers, the 2013 interim meeting proved to be two full days of rich and sustained discussion on the theme of ‘Power with’, ‘power to’, and ‘power over’.

Papers were presented by: Amy Allen, Philip Cerny, Colette Harris, Mark Haugaard, Jonathan Hearn, Barbara Kunz, Valeri Ledyaev, Peter Morriss, Niall Ó Dochartaigh, Noel Parker, Lena Partzsch, Jenny Pearce, Pamela Pensardi, David Strecker, and Kevin Ryan

We are grateful for the support of the School of Political Science & Sociology at NUIG for hosting the meeting, and a very special thanks to Mark and Patricia for the wonderful hospitality they extended to the group by inviting us to their home in Kinvarra for dinner on Saturday evening – an unforgettable way of rounding off the meeting!