RC36 ran seven panels at the World Congress, focusing on the following themes: Approaches to Political Power; Power and Governance; Soft Power of the BRICS; Rising Powers: Balancing and Rebalancing Strategies; Power and Deliberative Democracy; Power, Conflict and Legitimacy; and The Centrality of the Marginal: Governance and Client Agency in African Neopatrimonial Contexts.
All of the sessions were very well attended, with the papers stimulating lively discussion that continued between panels. A special thanks to everyone who contributed to what was, without doubt, a rewarding and worthwhile Congress.
Business Meeting

At the RC’s Business Meeting, Phil Cerny was elected as the new Chair, Alina Vladimirova was elected as Vice-Chair, and Mark Haugaard as Secretary. The Board was also re-constituted as follows: David Baldwin, Stewart Clegg, Bjørner Egede-Nissen, Michelle Frasher, Giulio Gallarotti, Rui He, Valeri Ledyaev, Marco Martins, Pamela Pansardi, Thamy Pogrebinschi, Louwrens Pretorius, Kevin Ryan, Danny Rye, David Strecker, Johan Zaaiman.

Three other matters of importance to RC members were also discussed during the business meeting:
1. Book series with Manchester University Press: this is currently at the discussion stage but will very likely go ahead commencing in 2015. The series is to be edited by Mark Haugaard, and will offer a unique publishing outlet to theorists and analysts of power in addition to the established Journal of political Power (Routledge), which is also edited by Mark.
2. Interim meeting: provisional arrangements have been made to convene the interim meeting in Helsinki during September 2015, and members are encouraged to come forward with suggestions for a theme or themes for discussion.
3. Website: it was decided to develop the RC’s web-presence through the use of more dynamic and possibly interactive web-based technology, with Bjørner Egede-Nissen and Alina Vladimirova offering to take the lead on this important and exciting initiative.

Published on Thursday, July 3 2014 by Kevin Ryan