The Journal of Political Power has just published a special issue on Soft Power. Online link to the journal is:


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Journal of Politcal Power

Volume 15 Number 3, October 2022


Special Issue: Esteem and Influence: Soft Power and International Politics.

Guest Editor: Giulio M. Gallarotti

383 Esteem and influence: soft power in international politics
Giulio M. Gallarotti

397 The crisis of American soft power
David W. Kearn

415 The Smithsonians soft power: how foreigners engage the US national museum
Irene S. Wu

437 Soft powers dark side
Renée Marlin-Bennett

456 From circulating liberalism to tech nationalism: U.S. soft power and Silicon Valley
Burcu Baykurt

469 The impact of Russian soft power in Kazakhstan: creating an enabling environment for
cooperation between Nur-Sultan and Moscow
Victoria Hudson

495 Pedagogical offensives: soft power, higher education and foreign Policy
Giulio M. Gallarotti

514 Impact of environmental quality indicators on soft power: a few empirical estimates
Sergio R. Vale and Moises S. Marques

532 Testing the impact of geopolitics on European democratic countries soft power use
Judit Trunkos

556 In search of soft power: mapping the expert community with a bibliometric network analysis
Alina V. Vladimirova

572 Care and Capitalism: Why Affective Equality Matters for Social Justice
Anne Byrne

Book Review
577 Left-wing populism: the politics of the people
Reid A. Kleinberg