RC36 Helsinki 2015

RC36 Interim conference, University of Helsinki

Friday 23rd – Saturday 24th October 2015

For its 2015 Interim Meeting, RC36 met for two days at the University of Helsinki to explore ‘The Gestalts of Power’. Papers were organised into four thematic panels – ‘The language of power or the power of language’; ‘The history of power or the power of history’; The power of globalization or the globalization of power’; and ‘The power of governmentality or the governmentality of power’.

Papers were presented by: Erkki Berndtson, Philip Cerny, Mark Haugaard, Anu Kantola, Valeri Ledyaev, Nanna Mik-Meyer, Louwrens Pretorius, Kevin Ryan, Alina V. Vladimirova, and Przemysław Żukiewicz.

On behalf of RC36, we would like to extend our thanks to Erkki Berndtson and Liisa Laakso (Dean of Faculty) for their generosity in hosting the meeting and providing such a wonderful venue.