Dear Members of the Power Group


Our board member and former chair of RC 36 has published an exciting new book about power and democracy.

The four dimensions of power

Understanding domination, empowerment and democracy

By Mark Haugaard


Please visit the link of the press below for more details on the book


Here is a description of the book:

This book explains the nature and workings of social and political power, including domination and empowerment. It represents a sophisticated new framework of contemporary perspectives upon power, including: Steven Lukes, Michel Foucault, Amy Allen, Clarissa Hayward and Pierre Bourdieu. Power is broken into four dynamically interrelated dimensions, which include: structural conflict, reification, power/knowledge, and the creation of social subjects.

Concluding with an original, pragmatist power-based account of democracy, this theoretically sophisticated book is indispensable for readers wishing to understand domination, resistance and empowerment.