The power group of IPSA RC 36 is planning a VIRTUAL interim conference this year. It is planned for November 19,20 of this year. Please read the conference call below. If you are interest in attending or submitting a paper, please follow the instructions below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Giulio Gallarotti

Chair, IPSA RC 36

Theme for IPSA RC 36 Interim Conference, November 19-20, 2022

Power and Crisis


Power has been studied in many contexts. One especially interesting context would be how power manifests itself in crisis. What power dynamics reveal themselves when people are faced with especially threatening situations? To whom are the reigns of control assigned when groups are faced with impending threats? What happens to democratic process during such dire times? What power dynamics establish themselves after the crisis is abated? There are many such questions that are of special interest to students of power in crisis. This conference takes a broad view in inviting papers on the dynamics of power in crisis in both a short and long-term perspective: economic, political, social, religious, environmental, international geo-political, health, etc. Hence participation is open to any scholarly field in which power is studied.

If interested in attending or presenting a paper please contact

Giulio Gallarotti


Alina Vladimirova