Program Coordinators
David STRECKER, University of Erfurt, Germany, Arthur BUENO, University of Erfurt, Germany,
Session Overview
1. Cultural Performance: Reconceptualizing Social Change in Modern Societies
2. Global Violence: Local Conflicts and Competition for Attention and Legitimacy
3. Mass and Democracy: Two Sociological Concepts in Tension
4. Memory and Communication
5. Money, Capital, and Modern Life: Building Conceptual Bridges Between Marx and Simmel
6. Politics of Recognition and Cultural Citizenship
7. Postcolonial Theory, Internal Colonialism and the Markers of the Historical Subject
8. Price, Value & Worth: Conceptualizing Social Practices of E/Valuation
9. Re-Specifying Trust: Alternative Forms for Re-Thinking Modernity
10. Relational Sociology: What Are ‘relations’ and Why Does It Matter to Study Relations? 11. Rethinking the Role of Political Economy in Critical Theory
12. Social Visibility: Conceptual Explorations
13. The Many Faces of Power: A Current Conceptual Synthesis
14. Business Session
Abstract submissions