The Journal of Political Power (2021 Vol 14 No. 1) will publish a special issue on Changing Faces of Power, 1979-2019. The papers come from a conference in Moscow in May of 2019 celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Power Group, IPSA RC 36. The collection features the leading thinkers on the subject of political power over the past 40 years talking about the study of political power over those decades.


Table of Contents

Giulio M. Gallarotti, The More Things Change, the More They…: The Changing Faces of Power


 Keith Dowding, Power: Ambiguous Not Vague

Stewart Clegg and Marco Berti,  Tales of Power

Pamela Pansardi and Marianna Bindi, The New Concepts of Power? Power-over, Power-to and


Valeri Ledyaev,  Conceptual Analysis of Power: Basic Trends

 David A. Baldwin, The Faces of Power Revisited

Steven Lukes, Power and Domination

John Gaventa, Beyond the Prepositions: Using Power Analysis to Inform Strategies for Social


Johan Zaaiman and Gift Mupambwa, An Application of the Four-Dimensional Model of Power: the

 Case of Khutsong

 Mark Haugaard, The Four Dimensions of Power

 Clarissa Rile Hayward, Why Does Publicity Matter? Power, not Deliberation

Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Soft Power: The Evolution of a Concept

Giulio M. Gallarotti, The Changing? Face of Power in International Relations, 1979-2019

Rosalba Belmonte and Philip G. Cerny, Heterarchy: Toward Paradigm Shift in World Politics