We have arranged a conference discounted rate with the following Hotel:

Hotel Moderno****
Single room: 113 euros
Double room / single use: 128 euros
Double room (2 people): 143 euros
(all rates are per night, breakfast included)

To reserve at Hotel Moderno with the conference discounted rate, you would need to fill this form  and send it directly to the hotel by April 14th, 2017 at the following email address:

A second suggested option is Hotel Aurora, that can be booked directly via their website:

Hotel Aurora***
Single room: 86 euros
Double room / single use: 101 euros
Double room (2 people): 112 euros
(all rates are per night, breakfast included)

​Both Hotels are close to the Pavia train station (3 minutes walking distance), a few minutes from the city center and less than 1 km ​from the University (right at the heart of the city center).

Other hotels include:
Hotel Excelsior***
Hotel Rosengarten*** (more distant from the city center)


The University of Pavia has the most extensive Colleges and Residence Halls system in Italy. The majority of its students are housed in its 16 Colleges. The most ancient ones date back to 1564 (Collegio Borromeo) and 1567 (Collegio Ghislieri), while the two most recent (Collegio Maino and Collegio Volta) were founded in 2000.
Pavia Colleges also offer short stay accommodation to scholars visiting the University or attending conferences. Rooms availability is limited and rates range between 50 and 90 euros per night. To book at one of the Colleges, please contact Pamela Pansardi at:


More informal solutions can be found on the AirBnB website, that offers around 200 private rooms or apartment in Pavia for around 25-65 Euros per night. Booking and payment is managed through the AirBnB website. If booking with AirBnB, make sure that your choice is located within or close the Pavia city center or in an area where public transport is available.