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Dear Power Group

Welcome to our new and exciting webpage, which is fully interactive and independent of the IPSA platform. Please register and use it often: for information, to advise our colleagues of opportunities and important news, or just to share your ideas on issues of power. We are most grateful to the College of Social Studies at Wesleyan University for funding the building of the website and to Bill Rose the webmaster who built it. Special thanks goes to the following board members who were instrumental in conceptualizing the plan for the webpage: Alina Vladimirova, Kevin Ryan (who maintained our old website for years), Mark Haugaard, Mathilde Chatin, David Baldwin, and Phil Cerny. Thanks goes out to our former officers Phil Cerny (former chair) and Mark Haugaard (for secretary) for outstanding efforts in managing the group. Mathilde Chatin (new secretary) and I (new chair) are honored to follow in their footsteps. With your help we hope we can do a good job. Alina Vladimirova generously volunteered to continue as Vice Chair.

If you have any comments or suggestions for the websites, please address them to Mathilde, Alina and myself. Our emails can be found on the webpage.

We hope to have some news about our next interim conference for 2017 posted soon

Sincerely yours

Giulio Gallarotti

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  1. Dear Members

    APSA has invited us to organize a panel for 2017 in San Francisco.

    Based on the APSA theme of Legitimacy , we are proposing a panel called Legitimacy as Power

    Abstract: All authority requires some legitimacy to rule without excessive force. This panel explores the power that legitimacy lends to authority in its many manifestations. The objective of this panel will be to try and look at the legitimacy of authority from a multidisciplinary perspectives.

    Please send any proposals to Mathilde Chatin

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