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The background picture is Varsi in the Apennines in Italy. I was born in that valley.

RC 36 Plans 10 Panels at IPSA in Brisbane this Summer

RC 36 has organized 10 panels for IPSA in Brisbane this summer. The panels are quite diverse in topics and methodology. The conference promises to be very exciting for those of us who study power. Here is a list of the panels. More information about the papers can be gotten my emailing or

RC 36 Panels for IPSA, Brisbane July 21-25, 2018

Blacks in Trump’s America: Politics as Usual in the Face of Persistent Political Precarity Obama to Trump

Exceptional Powers in World Politics

Gender, Diversity and Federalism in the Global North

Natural Resources, Security, and Power

Political Power Transformations in the Contemporary China

Power Audit in International Relations

Power in Domestic Politics

Term Limits

The Balance of Power and Security in the Asia-Pacific Region

The Fragmentation of Political Power in a Globalizing World

Papers on Power sought for International Sociological Association’s 19th Congress in Toronto

RC 35 (ISA research committee on Conceptual Analysis) is soliciting papers for a session on “The Many Faces of Power: A Current Conceptual Synthesis” at the 19th World Congress of the International Sociological Association in Toronto, Canada to be held July 15-21. For more information, see links below.

RC 35 Link

ISA World Congress 2018

Special Issue of the Journal of Political Power on The Soft Power of the BRICS: some of the contents available online

The BRICS and soft power: an introduction…/…/10.1080/2158379X.2016.1232284
Do the BRICS possess soft power?…/…/10.1080/2158379X.2016.1232285
Brazil: analysis of a rising soft power…/…/10.1080/2158379X.2016.1232286
The soft power of popular cinema – the case of India…/…/10.1080/2158379X.2016.1232288
South Africa’s soft power conundrum: how to win friends and influence people in Africa…/…/10.1080/2158379X.2016.1232290
Compound soft power: the BRICS and the multilateralization of soft power…/…/10.1080/2158379X.2016.1232292

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